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Hi, I'm Danielle (a writer, digital marketer, casual runner, and whatever other labels you want to pick and choose from). I also happen to be transsexual. I have a sneaking suspicion that it'll be a while until I publish my first best seller, so in the meantime, here are my thoughts on everything.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Finding a trans friendly job

(This blog post covers what I went over in my video) in 3 easy steps!

The other week NPR did a story about trans youth and the trouble they encounter finding jobs. Rather than do a story talking about how that's completely messed up, and how recent court rulings suggest that discrimination against trans people is illegal because it violates the equal protection clause - there's no law explicitly outlawing discrimination against trans people. Even the EEOC has stated that they'll treat anti-trans discrimination as illegal. 

If, or when, you are discriminated against - it's still your burden to prove it. Even if you get a pro-bono organization (such as Lambda Legal, the ACLU, etc.) to take your case, it still can be a long time before action is taken - and in the meantime, you need to eat and buy hormones. So this article is really about a simple search strategy to help you find a job. 

1. Start with the HRC best places to work list. Every company with a 100% score has trans friendly policies, as well as trans inclusive insurance (top surgery and bottom surgery for both MTF and FTMs) with at least 75k of funding. 

2. However, there are plenty of great companies to work for that don't have a 100% score (for all sorts of various reasons). Searching the HRC database (scroll to the bottom of the search bucket to search based on trans needs) can uncover some other companies that are trans friendly, often many of them include non-discrimination and insurance benefits too. 

3. Then take the names of the companies that interest you the most (or where your experience might be the most relevant) and put them in the company search field when searching on job boards like While you could search for "transgender" or something to find companies that have gender identity or whatever in the equal opportunity clause, not all job postings necessarily contain that language - so it's easier to search for the companies that have the policies in place. There are also several other job search engines, but indeed (and LinkedIn) are my two recommended sources.

That's it! Hopefully you've carefully crafted your resume and write a good cover letter. You could even mention that one of the things that attracted you to the company is it's HRC score, companies love compliments too and it shows you did some research on the company! Now you're on your way to some interviews and eventually a job with a company where you can be yourself and not have to worry about your career!


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Bonny Smith said...

Is not possible to find transgender friendly job in London. All of the people are able to judge you only .I'm trans and still afraid to go in public thru the day.I think the only way is suiside.No friends no social life never go to disco
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