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Hi, I'm Danielle (a writer, digital marketer, casual runner, and whatever other labels you want to pick and choose from). I also happen to be transsexual. I have a sneaking suspicion that it'll be a while until I publish my first best seller, so in the meantime, here are my thoughts on everything.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

transition timeline

So I used to make pictures like the one right here to track my progress, because looking at my face over several months shows how much change has actually taken place. Looking at my reflection in the mirror everyday while I brush my teeth masks a lot of the change, because they slowly blur together. You don't notice how much longer your hair has gotten, or how much your face has changed, on a day to day basis.

But instead of just the typical side-by-side photo comparison, I decided to try something new as I expand my multimedia empire (yeah, right). But I did make a YouTube transition video since I doubt that this blog will find a lot of traffic on it's own, so I wanted to make my transition more available to the general public and future (or current) transitioners to realize that - wow, it can get better. So without further hype, here's the video:


Danyelle TS in FL said...

I just wanted to say that one you are so beautiful, and two thank you for posting this video. The video has helped to decide to keep on going with my herbal regimen of hormones because if you can go from looking like a guy to becoming the beautiful woman that you were meant to be. Thank you for being an inspiration.

Briyani Missisipi said...

Nice info.